Whip Your 2018 Fundraising Strategy into Shape

2018 is here. If you’ve thought about your goals for your non-profit, then you realize it’s going to take funds to reach them. How are you going to pay staff and cover operational expenses? Who are you going to ask to give, and how are you going to approach them?

When I first entered the non-profit space, these were some of several questions swarming through my head. In an effort to keep up with this mental race of ideas, I did what any inexperienced fundraiser would have done: I tried everything I could get my hands on. After a long stretch of shooting in the dark and making a lot of misses, I finally figured out what worked and what didn’t. My course will teach you how to focus on what works. 

If you want to whip your 2018 fundraising strategy into shape, then this course is for you. I consider it a bootcamp because it will challenge how you view relationships, stretch you into building confidence as a fundraiser, and guide you in developing a 30,000-foot perspective of what a comprehensive fund development strategy looks like. When we’re down in the weeds of managing an organization, we can lose sight of the critical steps that make all the difference in achieving fundraising success.

If you’re interested in joining me and several other non-profit professionals on this journey, then sign up for Your First 500k today.