One Thing You Need To Consider As a Non-Profit Leader

So many organizations desire change, but change is the very thing our nature fights against doing. If we’re not intentional about eliminating old behaviors or adopting new ones, we’ll gradually revert back to the “thing” that we wanted to do away with. Exercise, spending less, and cutting back on TV are all things that many aspire to do. It’s no secret that it takes a lot of work for a new behavior—or lifestyle—to become routine. Yet, change has to begin somewhere.

Organizations are no different, and I would argue are even harder to implement change within. Here you have a group of people and systems in place that perpetuate the old way of doing things.

Henry Ford said it best: “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.” It doesn’t matter how big or small your organizational change is—you have to pick a place to begin. While incremental change is usually preferred, it takes courage to be the one to initiate drastic change. I have a track record of constantly looking for ways to change and improve. As an executive leader, I have terminated programs that just weren’t working and directed my staff to build new ones scratch. I have eliminated events that were held in the name of “tradition” but really turned out to be a waste of time and effort. None of this is done easily, and the change initiator will get a lot of push back. But change absolutely must begin somewhere. Otherwise, you risk fading out, becoming irrelevant, and losing interest in what it is you’re doing.

What change do you need to start implementing?

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