This One Change Will Improve Your Letter Campaign

Although technology has pretty much taken over our day-to-day lives, I’m glad people still take time to read letters. A few weeks ago I received a postcard from a dear friend who’s volunteering in Botswana, and for the moment, it felt like she was in the room with me while I read it. Whether written or typed—letters are still a powerful way to communicate…if we write them well.

Did you know the “P. S.” portion of your letter is one of the most engaging sections? You’d be surprised how many people read your first sentence, skim the rest, and then slow down when they get to the P. S. This reading trend makes the “P. S.” a great place to include a call to action. In other words, it’s a great area to reiterate what you want your reader to do.

For example, if I send out letters asking people to donate funds that qualify for a matching contribution, the “P. S.” might read something like this: “P. S. If you give by December 31st, your gift will qualify for a matching grant.”

This example reiterates the solicitation and highlights the matching grant opportunity. By reading this, the reader knows the gift will be doubled if received by December 31st. 

If you’re doing a letter campaign, make sure you include a “P. S.” That final moment of reading may actually drive your reader to give.

Question: Have you found other effective ways to write a “P. S.?”