One Thing that Might Prevent You From Getting More Donations


Many more people would donate, if only they were asked. It’s not enough to ask for donations through Twitter posts and Facebook status updates. People want to be asked personally. I’ve had much more success with getting people to give by approaching them face-to-face and asking for a donation. This compels them to respond, even if they are not going to give. And as a donor myself, I prefer to be asked privately too.

The same rings true for getting donors to increase their giving to your organization. In my experience, it takes less time to get donors to increase their support than it does to secure new donors. When I realized that a nonprofit I managed needed to increase it’s annual revenue by $100,000, I analyzed the donor base. One of the corporate donors had been giving $3,000 a month for years. I scheduled a meeting with the CEO, shared the vision of where the organization was headed, and asked him to support it by increasing his monthly gift to $5,000.

He did. And that one conversation—that one ASK—increased our annual revenue by $24,000.

Simply put: you have to ask. Ask everyone in your network to support you. Challenge your current donors to give more. You won’t get the gift if you do not ask.