How My Infant Daughter Became My Executive Assistant

Your staff and volunteers have lives apart from your organization. Respect their time. Start your meetings on time. Wrap up your events at the time you say you will. Your volunteers have other interests competing for their attention. The quickest way to fall down their list of priorities is to waste their time or require too much of it.

Work-life Balance (1)

Baby Shiloh – 3 months

Work-life balance should be an important attribute of your culture. In some office environments, if you establish healthy boundaries, you can allow family members in the work space while maintaining the same level of efficiency. I realized how important this was when I didn’t have anyone to keep my 3-month old daughter, Shiloh, during a meeting with my management team. I took this photo just before we walked out the door. When the meeting started, I announced that she was my executive assistant and would be recording the minutes. It was a joke, of course, but it set the tone that their senior leader valued families.

The meeting went as planned. Shiloh was not a distraction. If anything, it was a delight to invite my staff to meet one of the most important people in my life. And I set an important example of what my management team should do for its subordinates.

Make work-life balance a priority. If you’re already doing this, survey your staff and learn how you can do it better.