The Self-Care Tip For Busy Non-Profit Leaders

I’m a recovering workaholic. When I’m passionate about a project, I can easily work 50-60 hours a week. My mind is constantly thinking of what needs to be done and my “to do” list is growing at a rate much faster than I can keep up with. But everyone needs a break sometime.

My husband is great about asking me to rest and always reminds me of his favorite saying: “You can’t eat an elephant in one day.” And he is right.

Schedule a break. Clear your calendar and rest. Refuse to check emails or think about work. Enjoy your family. Take a short trip. Watch a good movie. Sleep. Do something that makes you feel good.

I tell my staff that I do not need to know why they are taking personal time. Our company doesn’t even distinguish vacation from sick time. We tell employees to take it when they need it—no questions asked.

Turn it off and take care of YOU.