The Most Important Thing for Gaining Donors

I raised over half a million dollars in one year because people trusted my leadership. Donors increased their support significantly and our revenue nearly doubled from the previous year. One family who’d supported the organization for many years with five-figure gifts gave a six-figure donation because they trusted my leadership. They would not have known the characteristics of my leadership if we had not developed a relationship.

Get to know your donors. Have lunch or coffee. Pick up the phone and talk to them. Treat them to breakfast. Get to know them because the time you spend with them matters. Some of the best conversations I have had involved me asking, “What would you do with my organization if you could treat it like a blank canvas?” You’d be surprised at the responses. And if you listen carefully, you’ll hear what your donor is most passionate about.

Relationships are everything. Over time, people will give more to your organization because you are the one asking.