One Barrier That Might Prevent Your Donors From Giving

Make giving to your organization as easy as possible. With more than 75% of donations being given online, make sure donation buttons are prominently displayed on your website. When you mail your solicitations, include an addressed return envelope. Respect your donors’ time by providing quick and efficient ways of supporting your organization.

Clearly communicate the different ways a monetary gift will help. This is especially important if your organization is just starting out. People are more likely to give to specific things than they are to abstract ideas, so make your solicitation plain. Highlight key projects or program areas where the funds will be used. For example: Your gift of $500 will sponsor a child for a year.

Have someone designated to answer the phone. Some donors aren’t comfortable mailing their gifts, and some do not want to give online. It could also just be a matter of convenience. During one of our year-end campaigns, a donor called on December 31st at 4pm with the hope of giving a 4-figure credit card donation over the phone. She would have done it online, but her computer was not working. If we hadn’t picked up the phone, we would have missed that gift.

Serve your donors well by providing an easy system for giving.