Your Third Training Video Is Ready!

I created Your First 500k after thinking of all the information I wish I had at the beginning of my fund development career. Where do I find donors? How do I get people to believe in the mission? How do I get people to give? How do I secure five and six-figure donations?

I talked to multi-million dollar non-profits and learned what set them apart from the ones that where struggling to raise thousands. That is when I started discovering the techniques I used to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars. After a short time of implementing these tried and proven strategies, the non-profit I managed at the time grew from raising $230k to just over $500k—in ONE YEAR. This non-profit paid off it’s debt and was able to set aside thousands of dollars in a rainy day reserve fund.

This experience led to the birth of Your First 500k—a comprehensive course that shows you step-by-step how to develop a fundraising strategy and execute it. Its goal is to equip non-profits with the tools they need to thrive in fundraising. If you missed my last two FREE training videos, you can find them here.

A lot of people start non-profits and end up frustrated with figuring out how to fund them. What many do not know is fundraising is a skill that takes time to master. This next video shares how Your First 500k can equip you with the skills you need to become a fundraising machine. Success in fundraising does not occur by accident. It is the result of carefully calculated steps toward hitting your goal.

A non-profit cannot thrive without adequate funding. If you want to acquire the funding needed to fulfill your mission, then you need a robust fundraising strategy. Your First 500k will show you how to create one. Check out my video and see how Your First 500k can put you on the path to fundraising success.